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from by Legion Hall



Through gritted teeth you etched it under your skin that I was never more to you
Than a temporary solution to the only constant that you knew
Reflect back into your dead ends again and again
But you're never gonna find what you'd have given everything for

I'm just trying to keep myself intact for one more day
But you'll still silver my bones and then tell me I've changed
Tighten your grip on my so called spine or fuck with my mind just to pass the time
But I'm nothing now and I never will be (Any part of this picture you've always held of me)

We've both faded to nothing
Like foundations of the house that you grew up in
I've faded to nothing
Like every person in the town we grew up in

String me along for as long as you can and take every word that could never reach you (At face value)
It means nothing now and it never did
You may keep your doors wide open and your eyes closed
But I've got these scars the whole world wasn't meant to see

I know you see me now
And I hope you've grown to accept
That I'm better off without you and your burden hanging over my head
No apologies left to fake and nobody left to take
The blame for all of the lies that you tell yourself every single day

Let's try to get away from all the broken bones and cracks in the pavement
I promise nothing here will matter anymore
I remember when you told me you hadn't seen the stars in weeks
The city lights had drowned them out just like everyone else in this goddamn town


from In Between, released June 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Legion Hall Nottingham, UK

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