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from by Legion Hall



I've been absent for weeks
Uncompromising stares saw straight through me
And all of the strain you put onto these bones
I bent and broke and you'll never put me back together

All of the things that you want and you need and everything in between
You can't vacation in my life and take away everything from me
I'm starting to see it, I see you for all of the things that you used to claim
So now hide me away from the world and pretend that you don't even know my name

Substitute all my integrity with whatever you needed from me
Forgotten my foundations, distracted to the point of no return from here
You've kept me for way too long and it's clear
You never cared about this or anything or anyone else

Put me back where I once wanted to be

I was fool to think that I could ever settle at seventeen
No matter how far the sun had set
It's funny that the only thing that I remember from laying in your bed all summer
Was wanting everything to change but the season


from In Between, released June 14, 2015



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Legion Hall Nottingham, UK

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