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In Between

by Legion Hall

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released June 14, 2015

Engineered and produced at DMU by Will Rowe / Paul Morgan
Mixed and mastered by Nick Casasanto
Logo by Jordan Pryke



all rights reserved


Legion Hall Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Call Home
It's nice to know that everything I thought I knew about myself
Was just a portrait that you painted onto my broken empty shell
So take me back to wherever you find me
Go out and find some fresh company
I'll be happier here without all of the things you know

Did I hear you call my name or did you say anything at all?
Because it's so hard to hear from where you're sat
Right up there on that pedestal
You've been drowning me out, drowning me out for days
And I don't want to end up where I once thought I'd be
But you're so set that you'll do this to me

You left me out in the cold again
Turned everything I said to something permanent
But second chances and circumstances don't mean a thing to me now
And all that I say and all that I do, everything will still reflect so well on you

Speak up, let it go
Show me that everything I'm feeling is mutual
And I know that you want to bury the blame but it's always the same
And I don't want to hear your fucking name

Speak up, let it go
Show me that everything I'm feeling is mutual
And not just the best for you
Track Name: Comatose
I've been absent for weeks
Uncompromising stares saw straight through me
And all of the strain you put onto these bones
I bent and broke and you'll never put me back together

All of the things that you want and you need and everything in between
You can't vacation in my life and take away everything from me
I'm starting to see it, I see you for all of the things that you used to claim
So now hide me away from the world and pretend that you don't even know my name

Substitute all my integrity with whatever you needed from me
Forgotten my foundations, distracted to the point of no return from here
You've kept me for way too long and it's clear
You never cared about this or anything or anyone else

Put me back where I once wanted to be

I was fool to think that I could ever settle at seventeen
No matter how far the sun had set
It's funny that the only thing that I remember from laying in your bed all summer
Was wanting everything to change but the season
Track Name: Never Been Worn
Open your mouth one more time so you can swallow every lie that you've ever spoken
Or tell me again that this will come to and end so you can add it to the promises that you've broken
Give me some peace of mind (Fall back on everything that you once believed in)
And I can take back what's mine (I don't think that I'll ever be what you needed)

But cast me out when you say I'll never grow, I'll never change
You entice me with words but never act what you say
Now I've been tongue tied for too long to let you carry on with this deceit

Everyone that you've ever known has caved in and seen through your disguise
So fuck your struggle and fuck your pride
At your peak you will never be worth my time
Track Name: Uptight
Through gritted teeth you etched it under your skin that I was never more to you
Than a temporary solution to the only constant that you knew
Reflect back into your dead ends again and again
But you're never gonna find what you'd have given everything for

I'm just trying to keep myself intact for one more day
But you'll still silver my bones and then tell me I've changed
Tighten your grip on my so called spine or fuck with my mind just to pass the time
But I'm nothing now and I never will be (Any part of this picture you've always held of me)

We've both faded to nothing
Like foundations of the house that you grew up in
I've faded to nothing
Like every person in the town we grew up in

String me along for as long as you can and take every word that could never reach you (At face value)
It means nothing now and it never did
You may keep your doors wide open and your eyes closed
But I've got these scars the whole world wasn't meant to see

I know you see me now
And I hope you've grown to accept
That I'm better off without you and your burden hanging over my head
No apologies left to fake and nobody left to take
The blame for all of the lies that you tell yourself every single day

Let's try to get away from all the broken bones and cracks in the pavement
I promise nothing here will matter anymore
I remember when you told me you hadn't seen the stars in weeks
The city lights had drowned them out just like everyone else in this goddamn town