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In Between

by Legion Hall



released 11 April 2015

Engineered and produced at DMU by Will Rowe / Paul Morgan
Mixed and mastered by Nick Casasanto
Logo by Jordan Pryke


tags: punk pop-punk UK


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Legion Hall Nottingham, UK

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Track Name: Call Home
It's nice to know that everything I thought I knew about myself
Was just a portrait that you painted onto my broken empty shell
So take me back to wherever you find me
Go out and find some fresh company
I'll be happier here without all of the things you know
Did I hear you call my name or did you say anything at all
Because it's so hard to hear from where you're sat
Right up there on that pedestal
You've been drowning me out, drowning me out for days
And I don't want to end up where I once thought I'd be
But you're so set that you'll do this to me
You left me out in the cold again
Turned everything I said to something permanent
But second chances and circumstances don't mean a thing to me now
And all that I say and all that I do, everything will still reflect so well on you
Speak up, let it go
Show me that everything I'm feeling is mutual
And I know that you want to bury the blame but it's always the same
And I don't want to hear your fucking name
Speak up, let it go
Show me that everything I'm feeling is mutual
And not just the best for you